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Welcome to the Project Based Voucher Waitlist!

Some of the Avesta Housing properties have subsidized units in which residents pay 30% of their income if they have certain characteristics.  In order to qualify to be on the waitlist for these units, the household must meet one or more of the following conditions:

(1)  The household is a family with dependents
(2)  The head or co-head of the household is 62 years of age or older
(3)  The head or co-head of the household is disabled

Additionally, the household must be under the following maximum income guidelines:

1 person household: $44,650
2 person household: $51,000
3 person household: $57,400
4 person household: $63,750
5 person household: $68,850
6 person household: $73,950
7 person household: $79,050

If you meet one or more of these eligibility factors and are under the maximum allowed income limits, click on APPLICANT LOGIN to apply for the waitlist.